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  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome         Back Pain                              Whiplash Injuries
  • Frozen Shoulder                      Breathing Difficulties              Migraine Headaches
  • Plantar Fasciitis                       Hip Pain                                 T.M.J. Dysfunction
  • Piriformis Syndrome

Why Ray And Ms. Timmy Lamse?

When you enter our studio we focus on handcrafting a customized massage catered just for you. We apply the right amount of pressure, and the right combination of techniques based upon what you’re experiencing and what you’re looking for.

This is entirely CUSTOM TAILORED to meet your needs and hands-down, it’s the most effective massage around. Ray & Ms Timmy Lamse use their 30+ years of experience and training to incorporate advanced body therapy techniques into your massage session, designed to reduce tension that has built up, and to promote the lowering of cortisol levels toward improved resiliency to life events.

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Many of our clients are executives or sit at a desk for many hours a day. Because of this, we look at the “full scope” to create the best plan of action for your specific needs. We use Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy techniques...we will listen and look at the posture...and whether a patient comes in complaining of a muscle spasm or a migraine headache, the first thing we will do is an evaluation of your entire body. 

We believe the body to be one unit. We also believe that treating any one part of the body without looking at the system as a whole would be an ineffective strategy. We have found many patients with headache patterns that begin in their hips and many foot pains that are perpetuated by a forward head posture. Had we looked at just one part of the body where the patient is actually feeling the pain we would end up just treating the symptom rather than addressing the root cause. This course of treatment leads to some temporary improvement but with no lasting results. By treating the body as a functional unit we are able to eliminate symptoms that have eluded other well qualified health professionals. 

Listen to our clients RAVE ABOUT US…

Excellent massage, very knowledgeable

"Ray not only gave me a very good massage but he helped me understand what he was doing and why. The facilities are clean and neatly organized and Ray made me feel very comfortable while I was there. Highly recommended!"
- Jason Svet

Awesome Stress Relief!!

"I had major shoulder surgery and Ray gave me a relaxed massage. I experienced greater flexibility in my arm and shoulder and reduced pain! Thank you Ray! I will be back and highly recommend you to all my friends and family!!"
- Jodie Burns

Feel wonderful and my leg does not hurt

"I teach yoga and after teaching my classes it is nice to get a deep tissue massage . My students get to relax at the end of class but I do not. I sometimes get my neck tight trying to do a posture but still watch my students. Ray has also helped me with my one leg which has been injured several times in my life. He has kept it working like there was never any problem. for me, my appointments are a necessity to keep me free of pain and doing my job."
- L Pettengill

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