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The Primary Focus of Our Practice

The primary focus of our practice is to remove the cause(s) of pain or restriction in our clients. We search for and eliminate the cause of the pain that brings you in for treatment. (See below for more).
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The Secondary Focus of Our Practice

During the secondary focus, we create a  schedule of massage return visit(s) to continue their treatment at the frequency that matches their needs.
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There are times in life when grief, work or relational stress tries to "beat us down." In cases such as these...we give a very gentle, but very therapeutic massage.  Ray & Ms Timmy Lamse use all their years of experience and training to incorporate advanced body therapy techniques into the massage session, designed to reduce tension that has built up, and to promote the lowering of cortisol levels  toward improved resiliency to life events.

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(Primary Focus Continued)
Using Paul St John's Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy techniques...we will listen and look at the posture...and whether a patient comes in complaining of a muscle spasm or a migraine headache, the first thing we will do is an evaluation of the entire body. We believe the body to be one unit. We also believe that treating any one part of the body without looking at the system as a whole would be an ineffective strategy. We have found many patients with headache patterns that begin in their hips and many foot pains that are perpetuated by a forward head posture. Had we looked at just one part of the body where the patient is actually feeling the pain we would end up just treating the symptom rather than addressing the root cause. This course of treatment leads to some temporary improvement but with no lasting results. By treating the body as a functional unit we are able to eliminate symptoms that have eluded other well qualified health professionals. Utilizing this whole body approach our center has successfully treated: 
 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome      Back Pain  Whiplash Injuries   Frozen Shoulder  Breathing Difficulties 
Migraine Headaches  Plantar Fasciitis  Hip Pain  ​T.M.J. Dysfunction  Piriformis Syndrome

  The Essential Touch Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center
CALL US AT  616-827-1760
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