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How One Man’s Terrible Bike Injury Could Be Your Pain Relief Blessing In Disguise!

Pain Free! Little Known Natural Breakthrough – Therapeutic Massage Method Can End Your Misery Quickly, Affordably And Painlessly!

Dear Friend,

If you’re suffering from chronic pain and you want your life back please check out my story it may be the most important thing you’ve read in years.

Here’s what happened… Several years ago I was preparing for the Tucson bike race.   I was training at night because it allowed for more intense workouts, and kept me out of the blistering summer sun.

I was riding along like I had many other nights when I hit a bump at a high speed, and the battery I used to power my light flew into the spokes of my front wheel…

I took a very nasty spill. I went flying over my handlebars, and skidded across the pavement.  I had cuts and scrapes all over my body, but nothing compared to the pain I felt in my left hand and wrist.

I was scared to look down, but when I did I could tell my hand and wrist were in very bad shape, and I needed to go to the emergency room!

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However, once I got to the ER, the horror of my accident wasn’t over. 

They placed my arm in a splint, and then told that they didn’t have a surgeon who was “in my network,” so I was going to have to wait awhile before I could get the procedures required to repair my hand and wrist.

I had to wait a month…
That’s right my insurance provider made me wait over a month to get in to get the surgery I NEEDED!  I couldn’t believe it, but that’s a story for a different time…

Finally, after a very painful and long wait I had successful surgery and was given 6 weeks of physical therapy.

Sadly, although well-meaning the PT did not accomplish much of anything in terms of getting my health back…

After the therapy I still felt weak, I did not have the full range of motion I did before the accident, and had chronic pain that was making my life dreadful…

I knew there had to be something I could do about it.  There was no way I was going to live the rest of my life this way!
So, I did research, saw different types of doctors and specialists, but none of it worked.  None of the procedures and treatments were getting me my desired results.  I was beginning to think that there was no hope…

My wife had been telling me this whole time to try Massage Therapy, but I was incredibly skeptical and I was going to exhaust all other options before finally giving in to her advice.

After nothing else worked, I reluctantly agreed to try therapeutic massage. 

First she massaged my shoulder, upper arm, and forearm to get the blood flowing and loosen the muscles.  Then she began to work on the injured area.

She gently massaged a specific spot, to promote increased circulation and suppleness, and then she would give detailed treatment to each muscle and joint.

It felt as though she attended to each fiber of my hand and wrist. Gradually, the muscles, tendons and ligaments became soft and balanced.

After a series of specified treatments I gained full use back of my hand and wrist!  I was amazed I couldn’t believe that all the other treatments I had tried failed, but that time tested Massage Therapy was the answer!

I was so amazed that I actually stopped what I was doing and began my journey as a massage therapist! 

This way, I could help others the same way my wife had helped me.

However, I didn’t want to be like other typical massage therapists.

Once I started the training, I had noticed throughout my certification process, spending time with clients, hearing their horror stories that many massage therapists didn’t “TRULY” care about the people they were working with…

Instead, they cared about getting as many appointments as possible and as much money out of the clients as possible.  They wanted the clients to feel better, but they weren’t helping them get back to living their lives they lost due to pain and suffering!

I’ve seen injuries, work, stress, and so many other circumstances that have caused people pain of one type or another…yet they aren’t able to get rid of the misery because they aren’t being treated properly.

You need to have a specialist who knows what it’s like coming back from injury, who knows what it’s like to suffer through chronic pain, and can help you get back to living your life!

You deserve to be able to do all the things you love doing!

The time to end your needless suffering is now!

Think about how much more you’d enjoy your life if you could effortlessly participate in your favorite hobby, or painlessly do the activities you love because you aren’t in pain any longer!

Think about how great it would be to know that the injury you suffered won’t prevent you from doing all the things you love!

Imagine how happy your loved ones will be to know that you are able to enjoy life again because you decided to let therapeutic massage therapy work for you!

Don’t waste another second!

Whether it’s stress, an injury, muscle tension, your posture – you need to schedule a time to come see me to get your one-of-a-kind, customized health plan to wellness! 

I’ll show you an exact plan of what we’ll need to do in order for you to get back out there and live your life how you want… The way you want… Much more comfortably!

You can also take me up on my FREE “Posture Analysis” where I go through a detailed checklist so you can find out exactly what is causing your pain…and how to fix it!

Constant Pain? Breakthrough Treatment Can End Your Suffering The NATURAL Way Without Drugs, Surgery Or Risky Procedures!

You CAN end your agonizing, suffering and loss of quality of life…without expensive, risky procedures, pills or injections!

I look forward to seeing you in the office! CALL NOW (616) 827-1760

Raymond Lamse
The Essential Touch
Grand Rapids Massage

P.S.  You’ll be amazed and what you’ll discover with my unique “Posture Analysis!”  Make a no obligation appointment now, or opt-in to get my eye opening health tips and more.  Don’t keep living in chronic pain.  Start living your life again now!  Give us a call, opt-in, or book now!


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Why are we so passionate about massage and its benefits?

We want to make you feel welcome and comfortable. We’ll discuss your physical aliments in a professional manner. We want to not only treat the source of your pain, but help you eliminate it. Our goal is for pain to be eradicated from your everyday life, while cutting down on your treatments and eventually abolishing your pain altogether.

Can you imagine a life free from chronic pain? It is possible!


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Why we are a step above most ordinary massage therapists in Ada, Grand Rapids and Cascade, MI Having a massage therapist in Grand Rapids can be a great help when you are dealing with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, muscle tightness or any type of physical injury. The friendly staff at The Essential Touch are at your service. We’re a proud family-owned and -operated, fully licensed and insured massage therapy company, accredited by the BBB. We’re located in Grand Rapids, MI, just a short drive from Ada and Cascade! We know that massage helps and can even, in some cases, cure your chronic pain. Let us make a believer out of you!

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We offer several types of massage therapies that are designed to promote everything from overall well-being to focusing on our patients’ unique symptoms in an effort to deliver personalized treatments and results. When you come to our facility in Grand Rapids, you’ll have access to several types of massage, including:

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Massage Services
Instead of suffering from physical or mental stress and chronic pain, why not see if we can help you relax and live life pain-free? At The Essential Touch, we believe that the health benefits resulting from massage can be numerous. Our highly experienced, detail-oriented staff is ready to address your concerns in a personalized fashion.

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