Auto-Accident Recovery

Massage Therapy for Car Accident Injuries

Massage Therapy For Car Accident Injuries

Many people don’t know that personal injury protection (PIP) within your auto insurance will cover your medical expenses related to injury caused in an accident – most often without increase to your premiums. Insurance is billed directly for physical therapies such as medical massage, chiropractic and acupuncture that may improve mobility during recovery.

Medical Doctors are prescribing massage as a therapy component for auto accident injury recovery. Here at The Essential Touch Therapeutic Massage we are specially trained licensed massage therapist to fully help treat your accident injuries in the Grand Rapids Area.

Medical massage has been shown to be a great treatment option to help return to good health from the physical pain and discomfort associated with auto injuries and accident recovery.

Center for Disease Control reported that emergency care was needed for 2.3 million adult drivers and passengers during 2009 as a result of being injured in a motor vehicle crash. Non-fatal car accidents cause a number of physical injuries, the most common injuries reported are concussion, neck and back injuries, whiplash, tendon damage, myofascial pain, muscle spasms, headaches and insomnia.

Some of these impairments may take days, even weeks to months, and sometimes years to show up and if left untreated can cause chronic issues. For example, 50% of the whiplash injuries reported follow an associated low back injury, which often doesn’t show up for about 2 months after the accident.

Massage may support recovery related to auto injuries by stimulating tissue healing, , improving scar tissue, increasing joint flexibility, reducing stress,, reducing muscle spasms, lowering blood pressure, releasing endorphin’s and lengthen soft tissue to allow for proper function, movement and mobility.

Let our licensed professional massage therapist help take the physical pain out of these accidents and help you move onto living a better pain free life.

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