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At The Essential Touch Therapeutic Massage, we are passionate about massage and its benefits, and proud to have happy clients. Read reviews from across the web below, and feel free to give us a review if you are a new client.

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The Essential Touch
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byAnonymous onThe Essential Touch


"I was hesitant at first to set an appointment with a massage therapist but after my time on the massage table I feel totally different.

Thank you for the gift certificate that actually convinced me to set the appointment. I really didn't know what to expect but now I have a whole new understanding and appreciation for massage therapy, especially about The Essential Touch.

You are right in your statement that "Stress can be a real pain." I came into your office with shoulder pain and a sciatic nerve issue but left feeling 90% better and 1/4 inch taller.

Here is what relieved my concerns and hesitations about massage therapy:

1.It works! My aches and pains were gone.

2.You, as a therapist, are hospitable and friendly, which means a lot to me.

3.You asked me a number of times whether I was comfortable or not.

4.You educated me about my muscles, tendons, etc, as you massaged.

Thank you, Timmy, for the opportunity to get to know you and what you do a little better. I now have a place to go when aches and pains take over my body and I can now feel totally confident to refer family, friends and co-workers to The Essential Touch.

Thanks again for the experience and the education of massage therapy and God's miracle of the human body.

PS. As for the advice to sleep on my back without a pillow, I am trying and I see the difference but it will take time after 6 decades sleeping on my side with a pillow.".

byAnonymous onThe Essential Touch


"Feel wonderful and my leg does not hurt

I teach yoga and after teaching my classes it is nice to get a deep tissue massage. My students get to relax at the end of class but I do not. I sometimes get my neck tight trying to do a posture but still watch my students. Ray has also helped me with my one leg which has been injured several times in my life. He has kept it working like there was never any problem. For me, my appointments are a necessity to keep me free of pain and doing my job."

Response from The Essential Touch:

Thank you! Clients like you make me glad for choosing a career in massage therapy. Comments like yours...make the hours of continuing study and practice worthwhile.

byAnonymous onThe Essential Touch


"I always feel better after my treatment/massage."

Response from The Essential Touch:

Thanks for your comment. It is my goal to improve the quality of your life...through my massage therapy.

byAnonymous onThe Essential Touch


"Awesome Stress Relief!!

I had major shoulder surgery and Ray gave me a great massage. I experienced greater flexibility in my arm and shoulder and reduced pain! Thank you Ray! I will be back and highly recommend you to all my friends and family!!"

Response from The Essential Touch:

Thank you. Your positive feedback and improvement gives me the fuel to help others improve their quality of life through massage therapy. It was a pleasure to serve you.

byAnonymous onThe Essential Touch


"Excellent massage, very knowledgeable

Ray not only gave me a very good massage but he helped me understand what he was doing and why. The facilities are clean and neatly organized and Ray made me feel very comfortable while I was there. Highly recommended!"

Response from The Essential Touch:

Thank You! I did not notice how observant you were. Thanks also for valuing the education about your massage and how the body naturally reacts and adapts. I hope to see you again...soon. You are my favorite kind of client. (One that recognizes value in what we do and say)."

byAnonymous onThe Essential Touch


"Ray, my massage session was amazing! An unexpected treat!

I especially liked the deep penetration on my shoulders. I regained 100% use of my arm that I had injured..."pulled muscles" and lived with for three weeks.
I can't believe that you could make it feel so much better in just 1 session!"

byAnonymous onThe Essential Touch


"Thank You so much for the relief you've given to my body and mind through your expertise in massage techniques.
I was starting to think that the nerve and muscles were only going to get worse. It has made a huge difference! I look forward to the next session!"

byAnonymous onThe Essential Touch


"Thank you so much for the healing massage on Wednesday. I feel infinitely better and have much more energy now!!!

My co-worker, Amy, did something to her back over the weekend. She went to a chiropractor on Monday but it didn’t really take care of the issue. I told her to call you and gave her your number. I’ll continue to pray for your wife as she’s dealing with her treatments."

byAnonymous onThe Essential Touch


"Ray, thanks so much for your wonderful massage and for your insight. I will pass all of your thoughts on to Jesse. I really appreciate how much time you took before the massage researching Severs and then with this follow up as well. You are a wonderful person to know. Thank you so much. See you soon."

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