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Hear from our loyal clients themselves how Essential Touch can change lives!

“Ray is naturally curious and always seeking out new and better techniques.”

Pastor Brady Nemmers struggled with stiffness in his neck and shoulders from years of poor posture and computers and phone use. Over the past 12 years as an Essential Touch customer, Brady has found much-needed relief and has noticed significant improvement in his ability to focus and manage stress. Ray’s coaching and mentorship helped Brady regain structural integrity and overall well-being, leading to increased productivity and a positive shift in his mental and physical health.

“I could tell Ray was so completely invested in helping me be as pain-free as possible.”

Stay-at-home mom Kathy Montuoro suffered life-threatening injuries in a motor vehicle accident. She found The Essential Touch while searching for therapeutic pain management online. Ray’s personalized attention, expertise in dealing with chronic pain, scar tissue, and nerve damage helped Kathy experience a significant reduction in pain and improved mental health. Through Ray’s treatment, Kathy regained hope and was able to achieve physical milestones she thought were impossible.

Brady and Kathy are two of many satisfied, loyal, and long-standing clients of Essential Touch Massage. Our goal is not only to ease your pain, but to work with you to eradicate the pain from your life completely. Reach out to Ray to see how he can help you with your chronic pain.

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